The research group explores applications of discrete and algebraic methods in biology and statistics, as well as purely mathematical questions.

There are always projects for BSc, MSc, or PhD theses. Please talk to me if you are interested. Possible topics include

  • Combinatorial Commutative Algebra
  • Matroid theory
  • Algebraic statistics, e.g. semi-algebraic structures in optimal experimental design.
  • Computer algebra, e.g. (de)compositions of (binomial) ideals.
  • Structural properties of binomial ideals
  • Real roots of multivariate polynomial systems in biology.

Current members

Former members

Finished student theses

  • Jan Lilienblum, BSc Thesis Hurwitzvervollständigung von Matrizen (Nov 2022)
  • Tim Siewert, BSc Thesis Der Satz von Abel-Ruffini (Sep 2022)
  • Anna Hofer, BSc Thesis Das Upper-Bound-Theorem für simpliziale Sphären (Mai 2022)
  • Tobias Boege, PhD Thesis The Gaussian conditional independence inference problem (April 2022)
  • Janike Oldekop, MSc Thesis Multistationäre Regionen chemischer Reaktionsnetzwerke (March 2022)
  • Niclas Niederdrenk, BSc Thesis Kurze Polynome in Idealen (December 2021)
  • Arian Görges, BSc Thesis Über fein graduierbare Algebren und ihre Präsentationen (December 2021)
  • Max Jenke, BSc Thesis Färbbarkeit von Graphen (September 2020)
  • Finn Wiersig BSc Thesis Sparse polynomials in polynomial ideals (June 2020)
  • Lamprini Ananiadi PhD Thesis Symmetry in toric geometry (May 2020)
  • Frank Röttger PhD Thesis Geometry of optimal design and limit theorems (March 2020)
  • Jonathan Irmscher BSc Thesis On minors of symmetric matrices (Dec 2019)
  • Janike Oldekop BSc Thesis Markov-Modelle für die Ansammlung von Mutationen (March 2019)
  • Alexandru Iosif PhD Thesis Algebraic Methods for the Study of Multistationarity in Mass-Action Networks (2019)
  • Jörn Papenbroock Komplexe Realisierbarkeit von 5-Gaussoiden (January 2019)
  • Jonas Krüsemann MSc Thesis Betti Numbers of Binomial Edge Ideals of Cographs (OvGU Magdeburg, December 2018)
  • Tobias Boege MSc Thesis Construction Methods for Gaussoids (OvGU Magdeburg, September 2018)
  • Jonas Schulze, BSc Thesis On the Complexity of Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations Using Homotopy Continuation (OvGU Magdeburg, January 2018)
  • Sebastian Cordes, BSc Thesis Die Resultante und ihre Eigenschaften (OvGU Magdeburg, October 2017)
  • Philipp Meissner, MSc Thesis Lösbarkeit von polynomiellen Ungleichungssystemen und ihre Anwendungen (OvGU Magdeburg, January 2017).
  • Tobias Windisch, PhD Thesis Fiber graphs (OvGU Magdeburg, 2016, summa cum laude).
  • Tobias Boege, BSc Thesis On permutations with decidable cycles (OvGU Magdeburg, 2016).
  • Lena-Kati Scharnhorst, summer internship on 3d printing, August 2015.
  • André Wagner, MSc Thesis Toric Fiber Products of Veronese Varieties (TU München, 2014).
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